27th February 2023

Locum Support For Nurses

Launching the New Locum Flexible Workforce Platform for Primary Care Nursing opportunities in Hertfordshire and Essex

To find out more and register visit: https://www.nasgp.org.uk/fwp-herts-essex/

What is the Locum Flexible Workforce Platform for Primary Care Nurses?

GP practices and Practice Nurses can now work together directly in Hertfordshire & West Essex and Mid & South Essex thanks to a new local scheme.

Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB and Mid and South Essex ICB and their Training Hubs have now partnered together with the NASGP to run LocumDeck for Nurses (LD4N) in their area.

Created by NASGP in collaboration with Practice Managers, Nurses, Federations, and other professional bodies, LD4N makes it easy for nurses and GP practices to work flexibly together.

Nurses using LocumDeck can:

●       Make the perfect match with practices. Choose when, where, and what work they can offer.

●       Find flexible freelance work easily. Nurses and practices can work together in a way that works best for both.

●       Get themselves seen. Nurses can profile skills, qualifications, experience, compliance data, and availability in one place.

●       Book work instantly. Nurses show practices their skills profile and available clinics so practices can book nurses right away.

●       Get live alerts about work opportunities.

●       Get paid easily. On LocumDeck, it’s hassle-free to claim pay for nursing with automatic invoicing and bookkeeping.