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The role of the Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Practitioner for the practice is to act as a resource within the practice with regards to IPC issues. The role assists the Practice Manager to create and maintain an environment which will not only ensure high standards of IPC but will also assist the practice in achieving compliance with best practice regarding IPC. The role includes provision of local training and auditing as well as working as an advocate for IPC.

The IPC Practitioner does not necessarily need to be a Dr or a Nurse but may be any allied health care professional.

Responsibilities of the IPC Practitioner:

  • To act as a role model, visible advocate for IPC and develop ownership of IPC within their healthcare setting by promoting best practice of IPC.

  • To assist in the education of practice staff in relation to IPC, therefore enabling individuals and their teams to learn and develop their IPC practice.

  • To ensure that all new staff (including students on placement) receive a local IPC induction appropriate to the practice, including where to find information (i.e., Infection Prevention and Control guidelines, sharps management) and their personal responsibility for good infection prevention and control practice.

  • To attend regularly the monthly HWE ICB IPC GP Webinar meetings and ensure feedback is given to colleagues.

  • ·  To maintain an up-to-date IPC resource folder in the practice.

  • To ensure IPC posters are appropriately used and removed when no-longer relevant.

  • To communicate and network with others around good IPC Practice.

  • To take every opportunity to update and extend their own knowledge of IPC and share this with practice staff.

  • To assist the Practice Manager regarding the implementation of IPC policies and procedures within the practice.

  • To support individuals and teams in local audits and surveillance.

  • To implement a local audit program in relation to IPC and assist the Practice Manager in the implementation of action points and feedback to staff.  The program should include local audits of:

    o   Hand hygiene

    o   Sharps safety

    o   Cleanliness

    o   Waste management

    o   Legionella management

    o   Use of protective clothing

    o   Decontamination of equipment

  • Where necessary, to assist in the education of patients or carer with infection/colonisation as appropriate.

  • To support the practice to maintain compliance with all CQC requirements in relation to IPC, and to ensure that there is evidence available to support this compliance.



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