Living Well Lifestyle as Medicine

We are a group of GPs with a special interest in lifestyle medicine, running a 4-week public well-being course in partnership with Herts and West Essex ICS.

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Our Living Well public course consists of one 2-hour session each week, running for a total of 4-weeks. Each session begins with an interactive discussion around the pillars of well-being and behaviour change. The second half of each session consists of a physical activity session run by qualified personal trainers and can be tailored/individualised to the various ability levels of the group. 

This course has been delivered in both St Albans and Harpenden with patients recruited from the following criteria:

-          BMI > 30 or (27.5 in BAME groups) Plus one of the following:

-          Hypertension

-          Pre-diabetes (NOT on NDPP)

-          Dyslipidaemia

-          Depression/anxiety (excluded if on SMI register)

Feedback from practices and patients has been highly positive.

We saw a reported 56% increase in people’s well-being scores over the 4 weeks with scores on average going from 4.7/10 to 7.2/10 at the end of the course.

When asked the statement ‘I am actively involved in my own health’, 42% of people on the course went from disagreeing to agreeing with this statement by the end, with an additional 50% going from agree to strongly agree.

Confidence in making health changes increased in 48% of people, with half going from disagreeing to agreeing that they were capable of doing it!

  • 80% of people reported a better understanding of the importance of sleep, with over half of these pre course disagreeing with this statement.

  • 87% of people reported a better understanding of how to eat well, and 70% an increased understanding of the importance of a support network.

  •   40% of people reported an increase in their sense of purpose in life.

 What people thought of the course…



 ‘Great course and great to see that the surgery is promoting this style of medicine that I was previously unaware of. Thank you so much’

‘I really loved the ‘real’ element of the course. We are all human and all different and everyone respected this. I didn’t feel I was being told off. Fantastic all round’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was delivered in a non-judgemental way and I really appreciated hearing all the statistics and evidence.’

‘The course was really fun and real with no preaching. I liked having an informal introduction to the gym environment as it can be very daunting’.

‘This is the best course I have attended about living a healthy lifestyle’.

‘Loved all of the course. It was very informative. I enjoyed the exercises they gave me every week. It has really helped me make small changes and has already had a big impact on my lifestyle’.

See video below for more feedback