Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacists can be employed by a single General Practice or by a Primary Care Network (PCN). We have provided some information on what a Clinical Pharmacist would do in each of this roles and below you can find links to some of our Training and Development opportunities for Clinical Pharmacists.

ICS Clinical Pharmacist Ambassador

Scott Downham
MPharm, PGDipGPP, IP, MRes

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Scott has worked as a clinical pharmacist in primary care for the past 9 years. He started his training at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation Trust, before completing his Masters in Clinical Research at Kings College. He then became a specialist pharmacist in transplantation, before moving into primary care. He has previously worked as an associate panel member for the GPhC for the best part of 5 years, helping to regulate pharmacy schools. He was previously his locality prescribing lead, before taking his new role in his current job. He  is currently undertaking his professional doctorate.

Scott is keen to support the development of the pharmacy workforce across the ICB, working with Health Education England, other ambassadors within the East of England and clinical leads in the ICB.  Leen Kubba, the Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist Tutor, helps to implement the strategies with Scott across the ICB.


Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist Tutor

Leen Kubba

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Leen has been the Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist Tutor since August 2020, supporting Clinical Pharmacists working in GP practices/PCNs by facilitating their education, training and professional development. She has been qualified for 10 years having worked in hospital, community and primary care (ICB, previously CCG) settings. Leen has a strong passion for education and training, and ensuring Primary Care Clinical Pharmacists are supported and embedded in their roles.

Leen runs monthly Clinical Pharmacist training sessions to support with education, training & professional development on clinical topics chosen by the Clinical Pharmacists. This is a platform where peer discussion and shared learning is encouraged between pharmacists across the ICB area.

Please contact Leen ( for any training/development related queries, and to be added to the mailing lists and involved in training initiatives.

Past Clinical Pharmacist training/events



Description & video recording (if available)

9 March 2023

Heart Failure reviews

Delivered by Zoe Jayne, Community Heart Failure Specialist Nurse. The session covered:

·        Symptoms of Heart Failure

·        Red flags (including first aid prescribing)

·        Conducting primary care reviews

·        Medication-based adjustments, including titration/monitoring requirements

·        When and how to refer

·        Virtual Hospital pathway

·        Case studies


Recording -  Clinical Pharmacist Training_ Heart Failure-20230309_130216-Meeting Recording.mp4


30th March 2023


Training delivered by Clare Morlidge, Pharmacist Advanced - Lead Renal Medicine at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. The session covered:

· Symptoms of CKD

· Red flags

· Primary care reviews

· Common medication-based adjustments including titration/monitoring requirements

· Use of ACEi/ARBS and SGLT2i

· Hyperkalaemia

· Case studies .

Recording:   Clinical Pharmacist Training_ Chronic Kidney Disease-20230330_130241-Meeting Recording.mp4


31 May 2023

Adult ONS

Training delivered by the Dietetics Team at the PMOT, and is aimed at those keen to learn to support their practices in improving prescribing and reducing long term spend. It will also be of benefit to those who have received ONS training in the past due to new ICS wide adult nutrition support guidelines, the inclusion of undertaking an audit of ONS prescribing and practical examples of patient scenarios that you may encounter.

Recording:  Clinical Pharmacist Training - Adult ONS-20230531_130227-Meeting Recording.mp4 (

28 June 2023

TARGET Antimicrobial Stewardship Workshop (28 June 2023)

This session was based on the TARGET tools to train prescribers: TARGET training materials and resources (, and covered the following:


  • Context and background of antimicrobial resistance

  • Improving our antibiotic prescribing

    • Strategies and resources

    • Evidence for using the TARGET resources

  • The link between antibiotic prescribing and resistance in your patients

  • Benefits of reducing antibiotic prescribing on AMR and on patient consultations.

19 July 2023

Parkinson's Disease

The session delivered by Tracey Smith, the Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialist / Neurology Lead Nurse at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

CP Training - Parkinson's Disease-20230719_130227-Meeting Recording.mp4 (

For further learning/resources on PD:

17th August 2023

IBD for the non-specialist


  • Delivered by Clare Macpherson, the Specialist Gastroenterology Pharmacist at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust.




Further learning/resources on IBD:


14th September 2023

Primary Care Educational Event:

CQC Inspections & Medicines Optimisation in Primary Care



Useful links:


2nd November 2023

Collaboration with Personalised Care roles to Reduce Overprescribing of Opioids

This session raised awareness of Personalised Care roles in primary care, and the importance of considering the wider determinants of health, e.g. the link between chronic pain and social factors when reviewing a patient’s pain medication. By working jointly with Social Prescribers & Health and Wellbeing Coaches you can support a patient’s wellbeing and provide more personalised, holistic care tailored to a patient’s needs. The Broxbourne Alliance PCN team have demonstrated the benefits of collaboration and how this has helped them optimise patient care, thereby reducing the need for opioids in managing pain.

Useful links:

  • Painkillers Don't Exist Campaign Resources - Painkillers Don’t Exist is a behaviour change campaign to raise awareness of pain medication dependency, and reduce prescription rates.

  • Herts and West Essex ICS Position Statement on Opioid Prescribing  highlights the key opioid aware messages including -

    • there is little evidence that opioids are helpful for long-term pain

    • patient expectations must be managed when starting opioid analgesia and a duration of treatment and review date should be agreed at the outset

    • if a patient has pain that remains severe despite opioid treatment, it is not working and should be stopped, even if no other treatment is available


General deprescribing resources:

Recording: CP Training_ Collaborative working with Personalised Care roles to Reduce Overprescribing of Opioids-20231102_130153-Meeting Recording  




16th November 2023

Wellbeing Support for patients with LTCs – The Importance of Mental Health

This session raised awareness of an excellent wellbeing support service, NHS Talking Therapies, which is available to all patients with LTCs in both Hertfordshire and West Essex areas, and how you can refer into each service.

Webinar recording:  

30th November 2023

Antimicrobial awareness – Promoting appropriate antimicrobial prescribing in primary care

14th December 2023

Introduction to ACBs & using Eclipse Live

 CP Training_ ACB and SMRs-20231214_130203-Meeting Recording.mp4

18th January 2024

Identifying opportunities for rationalisation and deprescribing of medicines in SMRs

CP TRAINING_ Identifying opportunities for rationalisation and deprescribing of medicines in SMRs-20240118_130352-Meeting Recording.mp4

25th January 2024

Malnutrition - Identification, food-based treatment & effective prescribing.

Delivered by the Dietetics Team within PMOT & covers the Oral Nutrition Supplement Guidelines for adults, sharing real life situations and case studies. Having better awareness of the guidelines will enable you to give the correct dietary advice, as well as identifying when a prescription for oral nutrition support (ONS) is required (& when it isn't). The guidelines are designed to improve clinical care and facilitate cost-effective prescribing of ONS when prescribing criteria are met.

Aimed at GPs, Clinical Pharmacists, Nurses and all primary care staff.

Primary Care Educational Session_ Malnutrition - Identification, food-based treatment & effective prescribing-20240125_130416-Meeting Recording.mp4

1st February 2024

HWE ICB Pharmacy Team (PMOT) Induction

The Hertfordshire and West Essex (HWE) Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Team (PMOT) within the ICB are delivering a PMOT induction for all primary care clinicians working in HWE area (particularly useful for all new clinicians).


This session is intended to highlight the team’s various functions and how these meet the needs of both patients and clinicians within the local health economy, with regards to medicines optimisation. It will cover how the PMOT can support you in your day to day work and where to find all of our prescribing support resources. The induction is also intended to give clear lines of communication/points of contact with regards to any prescribing related queries/issues.


A brief outline of the agenda includes:


  • An introduction to the PMOT structure (including sub-teams)

  • The Medicines Optimisation Enhanced Commissioning Framework (MO ECF)

  • Prescribing data – PMOT monthly dashboard, Practice reports, Eclipse Live

  • An introduction to the Locality Lead Pharmaceutical Advisors & local support available

  • Prescribing Leads meetings & Biannual GP prescribing visits

  • Medicines management queries – local formulary & guidance

  • ScriptSwitch (prescribing support system)  

  • Specialist support - Care homes/Dietetics/Stoma/palliative care

  • Q+A


Recording:  HWE ICB Pharmacy Team (PMOT) Induction-20240201_130047-Meeting Recording.mp4

Upcoming Training Events




29th February 2024

Stoma Care

Achieved past Clinical Pharmacist training/events

Unfortunately a high number of recordings are no longer available, if you would be interested in any of these sessions being re-run or have any further questions please contact Leen Kubba:



Description & video recording (if available)

24 September 2020

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH)

Delivered by Care home team within PMOT

5 November 2020

CP Peer Support Meeting:

An Overview of a Mental Health Medication Review

Training delivered by ICS Mental Health Pharmacist


17 December 2020

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Structured Medication Review (SMR) prioritisation

Delivered by David Ladenheim – Focus on SMRLive – Eclipse Live support tool


4 February 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Management of Chronic Asthma in Adults

· Interactive workshop

· Delivered by Nisha Mistry, Pharmaceutical Advisor (PMOT) and Dr Joshua Stranders (GP)

· Video recordings of the session (these do not include the breakout rooms):


11 February 2021

How to tackle COVID-19 vaccine Hesitancy

Delivered by Jim McManus, Director of Public Health at Hertfordshire County Council.


18th & 25th February 2021

Performing a Structured Medication Review (SMR)

· 2-part event run across two evenings

· Bespoke training organised by MORPh

· Please access recordings via your MORPh account.


11 March 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Cost-effective prescribing: Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)


· Delivered by Ruth Hammond, prescribing support dietitian at CCG.

· To access resources available to support CPs in auditing CMPA patients – contact Ruth (


21 April 2021

Introduction to Herts Valleys Integrated Diabetes Service (HIDS)

· To strengthen links between the CPs and HIDS to enable better collaboration and delivery of a more streamlined service

· To identify training needs of CPs within diabetes

· To introduce the Local Incentive Scheme 2021/22, which is focused on diabetes care

· Not recorded as this was an informal intro session with discussions.


22 April 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Accurate Medical Documentation & Record Keeping

· Training delivered by MDU

· No recording available (against MDU data protection policy).

19 May 2021

Meet the PMOT Localities Team

To strengthen links between CPs and PMOT and learn more about our local resources and how PMOT can support with medicines optimisation in practices


27 May 2021

Primary Care Educational Session:

How to get the best from your Clinical Pharmacist

· Aimed at GPs, PCN Clinical Directors, Practice Managers and Clinical Pharmacists.

· Tips on how to make best use of a CP by providing them with excellent induction, training and support to set them up for success and ensure a return on investment. Good practice and the benefits of a CP in primary care was shared.


14 June 2021

Coaching for Health Taster course

· Evening session delivered by Osca

· Open to all HCPs in primary care – Attended by GPs, ACPs, HCAs, CPs – 20 attendees in total.


17 June 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Lithium - Safe Use Vs Toxicity

· Delivered by HPFT pharmacist

· Focused on the safe use of lithium following a recent serious incident whereby a patient developed toxicity and was admitted to hospital.


28 July 2021

Half day PMOT Induction for new PCN Pharmacists

· Includes slots for CP Tutor role + resources, Localities, Formulary, ePACT data and ScriptSwitch, Care homes, Stoma and CMPA


29 July 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Peer-led SMR examples


· Presentations by CP and pre-reg in the network

4 & 11 August 2021 (evening)


Management of Diabetes in Primary Care

· 2-part bespoke training organised with MORPh

· Please access recordings via your MORPh account.


26 August 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Antipsychotic deprescribing in dementia patients


· Delivered by Pragna Patel and Sabiehah Latif, Care home pharmacists at CCG

6 October 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Anticholinergic medication and falls risk in care homes


· Delivered by care home team at CCG


21 October 2021

PMOT Engagement & Educational Session:

ScriptSwitch data and Stoma Care

· ScriptSwitch (SS) -  How to interpret SS data and get the maximum benefit from using the monthly SS dashboard - by Portia Muziringa, Pharmaceutical advisor

· Stoma educational session -  Incorporating the HVCCG guideline to support with cost-effective and safe prescribing. Delivered by Heather Ilett, Lead Stoma Nurse specialist at HVCCG


11 November 2021


CP Peer Support Meeting:

Heart Failure


· Training delivered by Dr Sharon Chadwick – covers the management of end stage HF

· Recording:


1 December 2021

CP Peer Support Meeting:

SMRs and Nutrition


· Training delivered by Alison Smith, Prescribing Support Consultant Dietitian

· Recording:


13 January 2022

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Easily missed presentations

· Peer-led interactive workshop to be delivered by Simon Phillips, an experienced CP within the network

· Will cover thought-provoking complex case studies in breakout rooms, highlighting that patients often present with undifferentiated symptoms without an immediately apparent diagnosis.


17 Feb 2022


CP Peer Support Meeting:

Heart Failure case studies


· Delivered by Jessica Peplow, Clinical Lead Specialist Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

· This session included case studies to help consolidate the learning from the Heart Failure session delivered by Dr. Sharon Chadwick in November.

· Recording: .


17 March 2022

CP Peer Support Meeting:

Antimicrobial stewardship in Primary Care


· Delivered by Antimicrobial and Care Home Lead Pharmacist, David Ladenheim at HVCCG.

29 March 2022

6:45pm – 8:00pm

FeNO & Spirometry training

This training included:

· FeNO and diagnostics explained

· Does the picture fit the diagnosis?

· Is it asthma or is it COPD or both?

· History taking and what we can learn

· Red Flags and when to refer [LC(HAWEI01] [KL(HAWEI02] 


6 October 2022


Anticoagulation (Daiichi)

This covers:

· What is AF?

· The epidemiology of AF

· Symptoms and diagnosis of AF

· Stroke as a consequence of AF

· Treatment in the prevention of stroke in patients with AF

· Treatment strategies to manage arrhythmia in AF

13 October 2022
1- 2pm

CMPA Hertfordshire area

Recording:   Clinical Pharmacist Training (HERTS AREA)_ Improve Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) Prescribing – Revision or New to It!-20221013_130053-Meeting Recording.mp4

3 November



Asthma astrazeneca


10th November


1-2pm W Essex

CMPA West Essex area

Clinical Pharmacist Training (W ESSEX AREA)_ Improve Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) Prescribing – Revision or New to It!-20221110_130127-Meeting Recording.mp4


18 November 1-2pm

MORPh Anticoagulation

· DOAC dosing in different indications (AF/DVT/PE prevention)

· DOAC cautions/contraindications

· Calculating CHADVASC and ORBIT scores and counselling patients on these

· Reviewing patients with AF and identifying those suitable for anticoagulation

· Initiating DOACS and factors to consider (e.g. age, weight, CrCl)

· Identifying patients suitable to be moved to Edoxaban from another anticoagulant

· Reviewing renal function (factors to consider) and making dose adjustments to DOACs


Please access recordings via your MORPh account.

1 December

Frailty HWE - SMRs

 Recording:  Clinical Pharmacist Training_ Frailty and SMRs-20221201_130228-Meeting Recording.mp4

8 December

Frailty HWE - Frailty

Recording:  Clinical Pharmacist Training_ Frailty for PCNs-20221208_130132-Meeting Recording.mp4

13 January

Morph Pathology

· Basic interpretation of U&Es, LFTs, FBCs · Actions/procedures following abnormal results (such as hyponatraemia, hyperkalaemia, anaemia and other abnormalities) –incl. when to urgently refer/further tests needed

· Possible causes of abnormal results

· Identifying results that are outside the normal range but are stable (disease specific e.g. anaemia due to chronic disease)


Please access recordings via your MORPh account.


19 January


Eli Lilly Diabetes session 1 - Oral therapies for patients with type 2 diabetes


Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Team (PMOT)

PMOT Newsletter

This is a weekly brief newsletter of local prescribing information from Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Team (PMOT), including formulary changes, local decisions and the monthly prescribing dashboard (which allows you to see latest performance against Medicines Optimisation ECF targets). It details local policies as they are published, care home work, simple savings which can be cascaded and regularly repeated queries. This newsletter is mailed out on Fridays.

Medicines Management Queries

If you have any PMOT related queries on medicines management / local guidance or formulary, or wish to be added to the mailing list for the PMOT newsletter, please contact the PMOT at

PMOT Resources

Please see PMOT resources in the resource section.


CPPE Primary care pharmacy education pathway

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is commissioned by Health Education England to deliver the Primary care pharmacy education pathway for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in primary care as part of the primary care Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) additional role reimbursement scheme (ARRS). This training is mandatory for all those whose salaries are funded through ARRS unless they are exempt. Information about exemption can be found on the CPPE website (link below).  

The 18-month pathway builds on the success of the Clinical pharmacists in general practice education and the Medicines optimisation in care homes pathways and will equip pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to work in various patient-facing roles in primary care networks as part of a multidisciplinary team. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be able to access a range of different study methods to suit different learning styles, a continuous assessment process and support from supervisors and peers. 

For more information about the training pathway including pathway handbooks, clinical supervisor training, newsletters, independent prescribing and exemptions please visit the CPPE website: 


How to Guide - Integrating Clinical Pharmacists into Primary Care Networks
March 2022
Professional Development Plan
CP Reference Table for Training

Clinical Audit Vs. Service Evaluation
September 2022
A Guide to National and Local Primary Care Contracts and the Role of Clinical Pharmacists
September 2022
SMRs: STOPP criteria and ACB
November 2022
SMRs: START criteria
December 2022
Designated Prescribing Practitioners (DPP): Information and Expression of Interest
September 2023

PMOT Resources

Opioid Reduction Tool
November 2023
Opioid Prescribing Position Statement
November 2023
ADHD Medication Shortage FAQs
November 2023
ADHD Medication Shortage Comms
November 2023

Other Useful Links

PrescQIPP -

Hertfordshire & West Essex ICB is a subscriber of PrescQIPP, which contains a plethora of very useful medicines-related resources and training material. This includes:


EMIS & SystmOne training webinars:


Please register to access these resources (organisation: ‘ICS Hertfordshire & West Essex’, post code: HP1 1DN).

A good starting point to look at is webkits in your therapeutic area of interest:


High Risk Drug Monitoring

Medicines Monitoring – SPS - Specialist Pharmacy Service – The first stop for professional medicines advice

Training and Development Opportunities:

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to challenge someone’s behaviour - but you didn’t know how to do it or what to say?

Read more

An overview of AKI, including assessment, diagnosis and management as well as follow up in line with the updated NICE guidance NG148 (2023).

Read more

Providing the opportunity to challenge and critically analyse your professional practice and to achieve the learning and development required for you to achieve your scope of practice as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Read more

As a common long-term respiratory condition, effective healthcare management and self-management of asthma, is fundamental in supporting children and young people to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Read more

This one day conference is for GPs, Practice Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and anyone interested in allergy within general practice.

Read more

This course covers the essential models of assertiveness and influencing, and provides a strong insight into the dynamics of one-to-one interactions.

Read more

For nurses, doctors and allied professionals working in a primary care setting who need to develop and enhance their head to toe assessment skills of a presenting child (not neonates).

Read more

New series of upcoming funded training, which is available to Healthcare Professionals across the UK.

Read more

These sessions are those who would like to update their knowledge and skills in basic life support and using a defibrillator as well as the management of anaphylaxis.

Read more

It is the largest gathering of general practice HCPs from within London and the South-East, and it is FREE to attend! Now over 2,000 HCPs registered to attend.

Read more

This half day course is for HCAs, Assistant Practitioners and other practice staff who would like to understand more about blood tests and their results.

Read more

License for CDEP Courses - CDEP has five levels (as per the UK Diabetics Competency Framework.

Read more

Explore and develop person-centred approaches in care when supporting people with dementia, which respects individuality and personal choice. Understand neuropathology in dementia, how it affects a person’s mental, physical and emotional capacity. And learn about the broader ethical and legal issues relating to dementia.

Read more

This update is only suitable for healthcare professionals who have already completed immunisation/vaccination training.

Read more

For all professionals who come into contact with children and young people with asthma.

Read more

This is a course in mindfulness and emotional intelligence based on a Stanford University Master's Degree Course and delivered by Dr Lia Jacob.

Read more

This virtual one day masterclass will focus on how to mentor and coach staff and will look at different stages of mentoring and coaching as well as the phases within each.

Read more

This training is a 2-hour session about understanding dementia aimed at all staff and volunteers wanting to know more about dementia.

Read more

This training is a 2-hour session about understanding dementia aimed at all staff and volunteers wanting to know more about dementia.

Read more

The Dementia Interpreter course will allow you to begin to learn the language of dementia, and truly understand how communication can change for people living with dementia.

Read more

Update your diabetes skills and share best practice with this CPD accredited course

Read more

This Diabetes Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Level 7 module contributes to the development of knowledge and understanding of diabetes.

Read more

The aim of this half day, face to face workshop, is to provide HCAs, AHPs, Paramedics and Clinical Pharmacists with the knowledge and skills they require to undertake foot checks on patients with diabetes.

Read more

Are you a Clinical Practice Pharmacist, Primary Care HCA or GP Nurse who conducts diabetes reviews?

Read more

An intermediate course which builds on foundation level communication skills training to develop increased confidence in communicating with patients and families in the arena of palliative care.

Read more

Develop safe practice in diagnostic and examination skills for ear care in an area that attracts a high level of litigation. Includes an hands on workshop in ear irrigation (syringing).

Read more

This conference has been instigated and organised by the East of England Diabetes Clinical Network, with support from Lynn Dorsett, Diabetes Network Manager, central Norfolk

Read more

This training has been developed as part of the NHS England Respiratory Long Term Plan Breathlessness Management workstream, to support colleagues with easily accessible education around non-pharmacological self-management support for people living with chronic breathlessness.

Read more

This course is aimed at any health care professional who wants to develop a leading role in the delivery and management of services for people with asthma and their families.

Read more

This multi-professional course focuses upon the assessment and management of the individual with, or at risk of developing, diabetes and its precursor, metabolic syndrome.

Read more

Our Severe Asthma course supports the development of further knowledge regarding the diagnosis, treatment and management of severe asthma.

Read more

This Essentials of Asthma course is aimed at learners who are new to working with asthma patients and would like an overview of the disease, diagnosis, and management.

Read more

This Essentials of COPD course is aimed at learners who are new to working with COPD patients and would like an overview of the disease, diagnosis, and management.

Read more

This Essentials of Diabetes course is aimed at learners who are new to working with diabetes patients and would like an overview of the disease, diagnosis, and management.

Read more

Trent Conference Center, Unit 1, Easter Park, Lenton Lane. Nottingham, NG7 2PX

Read more

A series of 90-minute sessions exploring the impact, diagnosis, and management of Heart Failure in the UK, each with an ‘ask the expert’ opportunity

Read more

Hertfordshire Mind Network has extensive experience within the field of mental health training and is recognised as a leading provider of mental health-related training in Hertfordshire.

Read more

Conversations training for line managers, peers and those with caring responsibilities for staff

Read more

This two day foundation course follows the guidelines of the National Minimum Standards for Registered Healthcare Practitioners (2018) for immunisation training.

Read more

If you only deliver Flu vaccines, Occupational health or adult vaccines, these bespoke update courses may be more appropriate for you. Please note New immunsiers' (2-day) Foundation (one-off) course must have been completed previously.

Read more

The International Practitioner Health Summit 2024 will focus on a new hope for workforce wellbeing and solutions for the future.

Read more

The Women’s Health Conference is designed for primary care healthcare professionals to gain a comprehensive insight into identified clinical issues that uniquely affect women and women’s health.

Read more

This comprehensive program is tailored for experienced Practice Nurses, ANP’s, ENP’s, Paramedics, and Pharmacists who seek to enhance their proficiency in this vital area.

Read more

This half-day workshop delivered online for Practice Nurses, Nursing Associates and AHP’s working in primary care.

Read more

Welcome to our focused half-day course on 'Intrauterine Contraception Counselling and Removal,' a comprehensive training designed for clinicians seeking to deepen their understanding and skills in the safe management of IUC (Intrauterine Contraception).

Read more

Designed specifically for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals new to immunisation practice, this course provides essential training on the national immunisation schedules for both adults and children.

Read more

This study day is for nurses and Allied Health Professional who wish to gain practical skills and an understanding of the care of patients with asthma.

Read more

To help raise awareness of developments in and up to date information about the menopause and perimenopause.

Read more

It aims to provide training on many topics, including covid-19 and travel, risk assessment, travel vaccines, non-vaccine preventable illnesses, malaria, professional issues, and the latest developments in travel health.

Read more

The course aims to enable you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to perform wound care and remove sutures/staples.

Read more

Our regional virtual, bitesize events aim to support leadership wellbeing and enable leaders to connect, recover, renew and respond to the ongoing demands of leading within challenging times.

Read more

Beds & Herts LMC and Herts & West Essex ICB invite primary care colleagues in Hertfordshire and West Essex to the following FREE Safeguarding webinars, contributing to level 3 training requirements.

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Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB will be offering a FREE Lunch and Learn webinar on “Firearms” on Thursday the 29th of February 2024 at 1pm for one hour.

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Do you work in Primary Care and want to learn more about the NHSE Diabetes Prevention Programme? If so, please keep reading!

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This session looks at what needs to be covered in an Asthma, COPD, Heart Failure review, for GPs, Nurses and AHP’s

Read more

Primary care teams continue to work tirelessly in their communities to provide high quality care and support for their patients.

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Register to access all education and training on the Macmillan Cancer Support Learning Hub for free! Education and training for health and social care professionals.. Sign up today!

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The aim of the module is to develop a critical understanding and perspective in relation to the management of complex health needs both at the individual and population levels across a range of community care settings.

Read more

Interactive online learning ‘ECHO’ networks for health and social care professionals who deliver end of life care to share knowledge on relevant topics, bringing together communities of practice with a shared goal. From Marie Curie.

Read more

This online Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace package covers 8 modules to improve employee wellbeing and reduce risks of employee burnout, highlighting the need for resilience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness at work.

Read more

BBO Training Ltd are excited to extend an invitation to you for our 'Men's Health Update Day' on 9th May, featuring the popular lecturer Dr. Tamara Cunningham. 

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Training for: PCN staff including GP’s: Opportunity to practice basic suicide prevention skills in a psychologically safe setting (Risk assessment / formulation and safety planning)

Read more

A Modern General Practice model is a way of organising work in general practice to help enable practices to provide fair and safe care, while also supporting the sustainability of services and an improved experience for both patients and staff.

Read more

The NHS England Leadership Academy has ongoing events and opportunities available. Please click on the links below for more information

Read more

This 1 day update course is designed for all non-medical prescribers to develop and maintain safe and effective prescribing practice.

Read more

Our Non-Medical Prescribing course prepares you to prescribe medicines from the British National Formulary (BNF) in your area of competence.

Read more

Our Interprofessional Programme designed to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes required for safe, appropriate, and cost-effective prescribing practice within the context of their specialist professional roles and the legislative and professional frameworks that govern their specific role.

Read more

On March 1st the North Thames Genomic Medicine Service will be hosting an all day hybrid showcase event to celebrate genomics work across the region.

Read more

The new Oliver McGowan training on Learning Disability and Autism is being rolled out across health and social care in Hertfordshire and west Essex.

Read more

The ICB Diabetes Project team has launched the online Diabetes 8 Care Process training programme.

Read more

Monthly IPC and COVID guidance update webinars

Read more

This course is aimed at any healthcare professional who participates in the assessment, management and delivery of care for people with or at risk of developing diabetes.

Read more

This 15-minute course aims to provide education and raise awareness of vulval cancer.

Read more

This one-day course on Sexual Health in Primary Care is tailored for Nurses, Nurse Associates, Pharmacists, and Allied Health Professionals working within General Practice.

Read more

STOMP/STAMP is a national programme to help prevent the over use of psychotropic medication in patients with LD, autism or both.

Read more

HEART UK and Health Innovation East are pleased to invite all health care professionals and colleagues working in the NHS to an in-person event focused on cholesterol.

Read more

Accredited by the University of Hertfordshire, this undergraduate-level short course is ideal for those looking to further develop both practical skills and clinical knowledge.

Read more

The Tackling the Complexity of Managing Heart Failure Short Course allows the acquisition of both practical skills and clinical knowledge necessary to manage the complex needs of patients and carers from the early diagnostic phase through to end of life

Read more

The conference aims to bring current and aspiring Caldicott Guardians together to understand current issues and the national context.

Read more

This diverse course covering all areas of palliative and end of life care will be delivered over seven days from May to December 2023 with an impact day being held in March 2024.

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This course will enable students to develop as leaders in the delivery of person centred care and the progression of research, skills and knowledge in relation to the care and management of the person with dementia and their family.

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This two-day face-to-face Minor Illness course is aimed at Nurses and AHPs.

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This event will be delivered online and is suitable for Healthcare Professionals who are involved in the management of people with type 2 diabetes.

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This well established and respected two day course allows the candidate a chance to fully understand routine haematology and biochemistry results.

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HEE have partnered with three of our regional Higher Education Institutes, linked to our medical schools, to develop and provide face-to-face teaching on the academic basis of educational supervision that supports the trainer in the areas of supervision they expected to provide.

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This half day session aims to provide healthcare workers with the theoretical/practical skills and knowledge required to safely fit and change pessaries.

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The 2024 Women’s Health Conference aims to provide primary care healthcare professionals with a thorough understanding of clinical issues that specifically impact women’s health.

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This free event, providing up to 12 hours of CPD accreditation, is a must-attend event for healthcare professionals serious about reducing inequalities in healthcare services and treatment for women.

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ZSA's FREE online training courses teach you the skills and confidence to have a potentially life-saving conversation with someone you’re worried about.

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Aug 2022

Looking After You Too

Free virtual coaching available for all primary care staff

Aug 2022

E-Learning Resource for Healthcare Professionals

Health Education England has developed a helpful e-learning resource for healthcare professionals to understand the management of the key issues of long COVID; breathlessness, fatigue, exercise and cough.

Mar 2024

Primary Care Clinician's Educational Evening Webinars 2023/24

These will be held on a monthly basis and will cover a variety of subjects such as: new pathways, cancer care, menopause, suicide prevention.