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Health Innovation East is commissioned by NHS England to help address the identification and prevention of conditions linked with cardiovascular disease (CVD) across the East of England.

If we want to address health inequalities, then cardiovascular disease prevention is a great place to start. For more information about our work in cardiovascular disease prevention, please contact, or


  • Heart UK – The Cholesterol Charity

    • Heart UK has partnered with the NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and the (AHSN) to provide a comprehensive and varied education programme for healthcare professionals.

  • CVD data and improvement tool (CVDPREVENT) 

    • The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Audit (CVDPREVENT) is a national primary care audit of routinely held GP data. The tool provides open access data, with clear actionable insights for those tasked with improving cardiovascular health in England.

Resources for healthcare professionals

  • Lipid management pathways: The the Health Innovation Network

    • Lipid management in England drives better CVD outcomes. Two pathways, one for acute cardiovascular disease in secondary care and one for primary care clinicians, have been developed to provide clear guidance for clinicians on how optimal lipid management may be achieved and provide an additional resource to support patient management.

  • AAC Pathway

    • A summary of national guidance for lipid management for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  • Inclisiran: Medical Directors pack

    • June 2023 – to support medical directors, integrated care boards
      and healthcare professionals with the rapid decision making required to enable the prescribing of inclisiran, a NICE-approved novel therapy – with the wider objective of supporting cholesterol optimisation and reducing cardiovascular deaths.

  • Lipid Managment Workforce Competency Framework

    • Following a recent National Lipid Programme Workforce Support Solution, Soar Beyond and the the Health Innovation Network have produced a Lipid Management Competency Framework. The competencies have been developed based on the Summary of National Guidance for Lipid Management for Primary and Secondary Prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) within general practice.

Training videos

  • Introduction to the Health Innovation East lipid management programme – April 2022

    Dr Max Hickman provides an overview of the Health Innovation East lipid management programme to support with improving the detection, prevention and treatment of CVD.

    Dr Max Hickman talks about the Eastern AHSN lipid management programme on Vimeo

  • Bitesize Lipids event with Ahmet Fuat: Health Innovation East lipids programme  – March 2023

    Dr Ahmet Fuat provides a comprehensive overview to support healthcare professionals to maximise opportunities around lipid management

    Bitesize Lipids event with Ahmet Fuat_ Eastern AHSN lipids programme on Vimeo

  • A guide to lipid management in primary care – October 2022

    Dr Max Hickman explains the importance of CVD and lipid management, including new pathways, guidance and novel therapies for healthcare professionals to improve the detection, prevention and treatment of CVD.

    Guide to lipid management for healthcare professionals on Vimeo

  • East Anglian CV Seminar Series – Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk: Whom, What and How to Treat? – October 2020

    This seminar with Dr Paul Flynn, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, covered a review of recent guidelines, the criteria and pathway for genetic testing for suspected monogenic familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), the eligibility criteria and pathway for starting PCSK9 inhibitors and the referral pathways for advice and review in the region’s lipid clinics.

    First East Anglian Cardiovascular Seminar Recording on Vimeo

Resources for healthcare professionals

  • Implementation pack: regional ICS’s – provides information to support implementation of a population health management approach to blood pressure management across your ICS. For healthcareprofessionals at:

    Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS

  • Implementation pack – Primary Care

    • Provides information to support implementation of a population health management approach to blood pressure management within primary care. Intended for Primary Care Networks and practices.​

Training videos

Resources for healthcare professionals

  • FH Information Zone

    • Resources for all healthcare professionals to support the early detection and management of patients with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in the NHS East Genomics region.

  • FH Genetic testing pathway

    • The East Genomic Laboratory Hub Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Genetic Testing Pathway provides guidance for healthcare professionals with patients with a high likelihood of FH.

Training videos

Training videos

  • East Anglian CV seminar series: HF, whats new? – April 2022

    Dr Pegah Salashouri provides an overview of the latest guidelines in management of heart failure.

    5th East Anglian CVD seminar on Vimeo

Training videos

  • East Anglian CV seminar series – Combination Antithrombotic Therapy: Ensuring Safety and Optimising Efficacy – December 2020

    Dr Unni Krishnan a practical overview of the evidence and guidelines that support the use of combination antithrombotic therapy in patients who have a clinical indication for concurrent use of long term anticoagulant therapy as well as antiplatelet therapy for atherosclerotic vascular disease.

    Second East Anglian Cardiovascular Seminar - 9 Dec 2020 on Vimeo

Training videos

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