General Practice Nurse Support and Resources

We have compiled a list of useful links and documents for you to find support.

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This is a closed group set up to provide support to the nurses in Hertfordshire and West Essex. To join follow this link Hertfordshire and West Essex Primary Care Nurses Forum | Facebook or simply search for 'Hertfordshire and West Essex Primary Care Nurses Forum' in Facebook.

The world's largest union and professional body for nursing staff. For more information click here

Nursing and midwifery regular for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For more information click here

The British Indian Nurses Association (BINA) began in August 2020, the year we celebrated as International Year of the Nurses and Midwives BINA is an independent, non-profitable organization set up to serve Nurses of Indian origin. BINA is working collaboratively as an ‘Arm’s length body’ of the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO). Founding members of BINA worked together with BAPIO to turn the ideas of forming BINA into a reality. We have enjoyed much support and joined hands with many other great leaders across the NHS and social care sectors of likeminded Nurses. For more information click here.

ShinyMind is an evidence-based, proven mental health and wellbeing app, co-created with the NHS

ShinyMind gives people the power to shine, improve their wellbeing, build confidence and transform their lives.

Our mission is to give people the power to achieve positive change in their lives and to create the best mental health and wellbeing app in the world.

We believe everyone has the right to good mental health and everyone has the right to be happy. We can’t change the world around you, but we can help you change the way you respond to it. The problem is that mental wellbeing isn’t something that 99% of us are ever taught how to achieve. In fact, most of us spend more time learning to drive than we do learning to think or explore our emotions. Please find some further information in the downloads section below.

ShinyMind - Mental Health & Wellbeing App co-created with the NHS

Shiny Mind Empowerment poster
Shiny Mind poster