Vaginal Prolapse and Fitting Ring Pessaries

Venue: Online British Orthodontic Society, 12 Bridewell Pl, London EC4V 6AP
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  • 12th June 2024 (01:00pm - 04:30pm)


As women are now living longer, genital prolapse is becoming an ever-increasing problem. Healthcare Professionals working in Primary/Secondary Care settings are fitting and changing vaginal (ring) pessaries on a frequent basis.

This half day session aims to provide healthcare workers with the theoretical/practical skills and knowledge required to safely fit and change pessaries.


  • An overview of the female genital tract

  • Signs and symptoms of prolapse

  • Types of pessaries available How to fit and change a ring pessary

  • Practical workshop using a manikin

  • Identification of problems and how to solve them

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy for the genital tract

Aims and outcomes

  • Understand the causes of female genital prolapse

  • Describe the signs and symptoms associated this condition

  • Explain to women how gynaecological surgery may help

  • Identify problems associated with ring pessaries

  • Describe how to fit and change ring pessaries



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