My Health, My Way

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Do you want to feel better in yourself, but could use a little help in leading a happier and healthier life? 

My Health My Way is a new wellbeing website and FREE behavioural coaching service created specifically for NHS, primary care and county council staff.  

You can request free one-to-one support from a behavioural coach via the website. Your coach can empower you to achieve your wellbeing goals, such as coping with stress, increasing your physical activity or eating more healthily. Our clients are already seeing benefits in just a few sessions:

“I was really struggling and now I feel much more positive. My perspective has changed. I’m going to put myself first for a while and ask my family and friends to support me. The website is going to be very useful to create my plan and monitor its progress.”

“My mind has been all over the place and now I feel much more focused. I’m going to use the website to get back on track."

The site also has a variety of features to help you keep track of and improve your health and wellbeing, including a library of over 450 resources on topics such as stress and burnout, mood, diet, physical activity, and menopause, as well as a step-by-step guided action plan to help you better cope with the demands of life and improve your health.

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Watch the below video to learn more about some of the site’s features. 

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October 2022