NHS Knowledge for Healthcare Learning Academy

About the NHS Knowledge for Healthcare Learning Academy

The NHS Knowledge for Healthcare Learning Academy brings together our learning and development opportunities under a single umbrella with the added bonus of accredition by CILIP: The library and information association.

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Benefits to knowledge and library staff

The NHS Knowledge for Healthcare Learning Academy brings the following benefits in terms of the learning available to knowledge and library staff:

  • enhanced visibility and accessibility through the Accent online booking system (coming soon)

  • increased clarity over learning outcomes and course content included in course adverts

  • added value through accreditation by our professional body (CILIP)

  • greater recognition by employers and other stakeholders

In particular through CILIP's accreditation of the Learning Academy offer, learners can feel confident that content is high quality and has been tested against the professional standards by an independent assessor.

CILIP accreditation certifies quality learning and delivery as well as relevance to the employment market.

As a CILIP accredited offer, our programme will be independently assessed every three years to ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • relevance of the course to required professional competencies and skills through mapping to CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB)

  • NHS England is providing a high-quality learning experience

  • NHS England engages with employers to ensure that programmes are relevant.

  • facilitators and trainers are up to date with current professional practice

  • learners are encouraged to engage with their professional body (CILIP)

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